Hopup Adjustments / Dailing in Optics

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Hopup Adjustments / Dailing in Optics

Post  Greybush on Tue 11 Mar 2008, 22:45

Hopup Adjustment/Dialing in Optics
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Here are the exact steps you should follow when adjusting sights, optics and hopup to match.

1) With hopup off/ rear sight windage knob and front sight set to zero shoot a 3-5 shot string and watch for deviations on flight path. Be sure you are using the bb gram weight you plan to use in a game. You can shoot offhand (Standing) for this step.

2) Slowly and in very small increments adjust your hopup untill your bbs shoot flat for at least 100feet or have a small rise in trajectory and then come back to desired point of aim/point of impact. More hopup=less velocity. (Offhand for this step)

3) With desired hopup acheived, close your hopup dust cover and fire a string of 5-10 shots at maximum distance desired Using the 0-200meter rear sight arperature for CQB and the 300 meter plus arperature (peep sight) for long range shots. Make sure your rear sight elevation is set at 3/6. (Prone Supported position or Sitting Bench Position for this step)

4) Adjust your rear sight windage/elevation until your shot string (pattern) is as tight as possible at the distance desired. (Continue supported position)

5) Once the rear sight has been adjusted and desired point of aim point of impact is acheived, you should make any minor adjustements if any needed to the front sight. Remember if you adjust your front sight elevation down, your bullet will impact higher than previously adjusted. If you adjust your front sight elevation up your bullet will impact lower than previously adjusted.

6) Next, mount your optics so that they cowitness the iron sights or your weapon. The eye relief should be at a comfortable distance to where both eyes are open and the target is easily viewable without squinting. Using a gun vise if possible (I HAVE ONE walmart $20) Shoot a 5 shot string while looking through your optics, then shoot a 5 shot string while looking through your iron sights. Look for windage adjustments first if any and then adjust elevation. Remember left is right and right is left; Up is down/ down is up when sighting in optics. Once your optics are dialed in, try to shoot at 50 feet first. you should be dead on within 2-5 inches (results vary). Any shots over 50 feet should be taken using the mil-dot/hash marks in your reticle. Some shots will require "holdover" in between two hashmarks in your reticle. All red-dot type scopes should match your iron sights "Zero".
If no optics or scopes are going to be intalled skip this step and enjoy shooting.

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