Pistol scope mounts and RIS for a Hi-capa dragon 5.1

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Pistol scope mounts and RIS for a Hi-capa dragon 5.1

Post  ti_vum on Sun 06 Apr 2008, 20:07

Ok so I have a WE-Tech Hi-Capa Dragon 5.1. A rocking pistol thatís dead on accurate and a gas hog. Looks great and is nice and weighty. I want to give it more of a race gun or competition look. I was thinking of putting a reflex scope on it and possibly a flashlight. The questions I have are about the scope mounts, and quick-draw holsters. Iíve seen scope mounts that appear to attach to the side of the frame. It looks like there are three screws that hold the mount to the frame. My first question is how? I donít see any holes or extra screws on the gun. Second question is that the only option I got? Third is after I get all this where do I find a quick-draw holster? Please keep in mind Iíd prefer to not spend a fortune on these upgrades. Any help you guys got would be greatly appreciated.

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