Real Steel

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Real Steel

Post  SBw/anM4 on Sat 23 Aug 2008, 21:12

Im starting a new thread for real steel shoots. This is for photos of you at the range with a real firearm.

Where: Camp Allen weapon range. 8/23/08
What: M4 carbine with iron sights
Range: 25 yards
Position: Prone

This is how these shots went. Ones with a pen mark where the first 25. Gut shots the second. Unmarked at center mass last 25. I shot 75 rounds. Also the first time shooting an M4
shot placement as such.
7 center mass kill shots
57 fatal shots
9 serious injury shots
1 moderate injury shot


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Re: Real Steel

Post  TeamPrecisionIT on Tue 26 Aug 2008, 01:17

I'll try and get some shots of some my range time. I could have done it today since me and the SO went and hit it up today. She shot my .22 with great results.


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