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Welcome to all

Post  Greybush on Fri 01 Aug 2008, 23:38

Thanks guys and gals. I'm gald to see everyone taking time to shout out. I just wanted to take time to say Thanks to all that find time to visit the site and speak to whats on thier minds. The board was designed just for this reason. We hope that no one gets mad or takes offense to any post. We can only serve you if we know what your concerns, or ideas are. Opinions are always welcome. Some may agree with your "IMO" Others may disagree. This is where discussions come into play. Just remember to keep it Clean, and don't take it ,or make it personal.

For the time that I have been playing AS "airsoft", I have come to find all styles of players. There are alot of people that like pain. However there are those that can only take alittle at a time.

There are those that will go straight for the battle, Where others tend to work thier way to the battle.
Players can get excited to the point ,as to where they feel no pain, while others get scared to a point, as to where they can't move for fear of getting hit.

The thing to remember is we were all new to the sport at one time. Take time to teach those that are new. Show them how to enjoy the game. I myself have more fun helping others play and move on the field.
The deal is when you see me going up front to battle it out. I'm just showing the players behind me that they can move too.

The best part about this game, is if I get shot out. I've learned not to do that the next time. LOL

---------------------------------- Thanks and hope to see you in my sights --------------------

**Elements in time wear all things, As are we nothing but dust waiting on the wind*
** Young and fast in life is excitement, Getting old is the art of survival*
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